Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q. Is Genescy right for you?
A. Genescy is for timeshare owners who are:FAQ's

  • Not using their timeshare as much as they intended to
  • Bothered by increasing maintenance fees
  • Disappointed in their failure to sell the timeshare through a listing company
  • Concerned about their children inheriting their timeshare and then becoming financially responsible for it
  • Annoyed that they can’t vacation where they want, when they want
  • Tired of going to the same resort year after year
  • Frustrated with exchange companies
  • Realize there are different ways to vacation for much less
  • Widowed or divorced, or are no longer able to travel with their loved ones

Q. Do I qualify for your service?
A. The companies we partner with have higher interest in certain timeshare properties than others. If your resort does not qualify for our service, our consultants will provide you with further direction and advice free of charge. We encourage you to contact us now to further discuss whether or not you qualify. There is absolutely no obligation and our services are 100% guaranteed.

Q. Do you charge a fee for your services?
A. We offer a valuable service and as a result, there are fees associated. The fees for our services are not collected until after you have thoroughly reviewed and agreed upon our Transfer Agreement. At Genescy, our clients have the assurance of a 100% Money Back Guarantee. We are committed to protecting our promises and your investment.

Q. Is Genescy a legitimate solution to removing my family from our timeshare contract?
A. We guarantee our results and our experience as a leader in the industry speaks for itself. Our goal has always been to relieve people of their unwanted timeshare and the financial burden associated with it. The first step in achieving this goal is contacting Genescy for your free, no risk consultation with one of our Consultants.

Q. Will my name be off of the deed?
A. Yes, through our services the ownership becomes legally transferred. Depending on the property, the title is transferred via deed, membership, Lease, Assignment, or as required by the resorts official governing documents (Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions). To discuss this in further detail, please contact us.

Q. Who do you use to transfer the timeshare out of my name?
A. A licensed, insured, and bonded escrow company will handle the transfer of title out of your name.

Q. How long does the liquidation process typically take?
A. Closings typically take 180 days.

Q. I once paid a company over $700 upfront to sell my timeshare, but then nothing happened. How is your company different?
A. Genescy is not a listing company. Genescy DOES NOT charge a Listing Fee, Advertising Fee, or Appraisal Fee promising to transfer the property once a phantom buyer is secured at inflated market prices.

Q. Does your service involve me getting into another timeshare?
NO. Genescy efforts will safely, realistically and legally remove you from your timeshare obligations forever.