Q. Is Genescy right for me?

A. Genescy’s services are perfect for current timeshare owners who are looking to explore the options that their ownership offers. Whether you are not using your timeshare as you originally intended, are tired of visiting the same resort or are interested in upgrading or adding on, a Genescy consultant will be able to answer your questions and walk you through the best options for you.

Q. Do I qualify for your service?

A. There are certain qualifications that we put in place in order to ensure that our time together is not wasted. We encourage everyone to contact us to find out whether or not they qualify, or if our services are right for them.

Q. Do you charge a fee for your services?

A. Each and every consultation is free for anyone who visits any one of our locations across Canada and the USA. If you choose to go ahead with our services, we do typically charge a fee depending on which option you decide to go ahead with.

Q. If I choose to get out of my current ownership, will it be permanent?

A. Yes. The ownership becomes legally transferred out of your name. Depending on the property, the title is transferred via deed, membership, Lease, Assignment, or as required by the resort’s official governing documents (Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions). To discuss this in further detail, please contact us.

Q. If I use your service do I have to join a vacation or travel club or buy another timeshare?

A. No. We have different options available to suit all of the needs of each client we sit down with. However, not everyone is looking for the same solutions with their ownership and therefore what someone else requires may not match the needs of another client. If you move ahead with our services, you are not required to purchase a vacation or travel club.

Q. Will my timeshare maintenance fees increase?

A. Maintenance fees do tend to increase each year no matter which resort you have purchased with. How much they increase will depend on the resort and other economic factors at the time maintenance fees are collected.

Q. Is buying a timeshare a good investment?

A. Timeshare or vacation ownership can be a great investment in your lifestyle if you purchase the right one for you if you purchase one that you can afford to maintain. Most importantly, purchase a timeshare you can use. We have lots of clients who are happy with their timeshare and are seeking options to improve their experience. A lot of the clients we help out of their timeshare no longer want it due to factors like age, health complications, their children do not want it, or they purchased a program that doesn’t work for them.

Q. Are there any hidden costs in timeshare?

A. There are no hidden costs in a timeshare but there are certain fees you do have to keep in mind like annual maintenance fees and sometimes there is something called a special assessment fee, which can be implemented at any time by a resort in order to cover renovation costs or other special improvements to the resort. These can vary in price and frequency.

Q. I put a lot of money into my timeshare why can’t I sell it?

A. Unfortunately, the market for timeshare listings is very saturated and because of this, you can find timeshares for $1. Check out our blog on the value of timeshares here to find out more information on this topic.

Q. Will I be out of my timeshare if I just stop paying my maintenance fees?

A. No. You run the risk of stockpiling a large sum to be paid to your resort, as well as calls from a collection agency and damage done to your credit rating. You are better to pay your maintenance fees and seek the advice of an accredited company who can give you your best options.

Q. Why is it important for me to follow your 5 Step Process? Can’t I just pay for your service over the phone?

A. If you are unfamiliar with our 5 Step Process, you can check it out here. The reason why we follow this process with each client is because we want to make sure that we can meet with you face-to-face and answer all of your questions and also because we need to be able to see your ownership contracts and documentation in order to fully assess the options that are available to you, and give you the best advice. We do not take credit card information over the phone as many scams follow this pattern, and we want you to feel comfortable from the moment you start your journey with Genescy.

Q. Why do I have to bring my spouse if they are not on the deed?

A. Due to the nature of the type of decision making that our services require, regardless of whether your current spouse is on the deed or not, typically people do not make big decisions without both decision-makers there. Therefore, we ask that all parties necessary attend so that it saves you time and both parties can ask questions and see if this is the right solution for them.

Q. Can I use your services if I still have a balance owed on my mortgage?

A. It depends on the resort and the amount owing on your mortgage. There are a lot of different factors for everyone’s ownership and the best way to determine if you can use our services is to come on a Consultation and have one of our Consultants assess your situation.

Q. What if my timeshare is outside of Canada?

A. No problem. Our experience is global. We have assisted thousands of families with their vacation ownership contracts and purchases from all over the world.