Why do Timeshare Owners Need Genescy?

Our services differ from other companies offering timeshare ownership options. Our efforts will assist you in learning more about your options when it comes to your timeshare ownership obligations. We work in a collaborative way, with both developer and client, in order to ensure the best strategy for each unique Genescy client.

You are a Genescy client if you…

  • have not used your timeshare for 2 years+
  • do not want to continue to pay maintenance fees
  • have stopped paying your maintenance fees
  • do not want your children to inherit it
  • tried other services that did not work out
  • are having trouble selling your timeshare
  • want to know what your options are

100% Risk Free, No Obligation

Our consultation is completely FREE! Learn more about all the safest options available to you, at no cost. We provide a 100% money back guarantee* on any services that you decide to go ahead with.